AI-1100EX CO Monitor (Extended 10 year warranty)


1100 Carbon Monoxide Monitor
Visual and Audio Alarms at CO levels of 30 ppm, 60 ppm, and 120 ppm.


The AI-1100EX monitor was designed with EMS use in mind. Like our other monitors it is built on the very stable AGS™ solid state platform that doesn’t require routine bump testing or calibration and notifies you if something is wrong. It dispenses with parts per million readings and doesn’t respond to less than 30ppm to simplify training. When it’s alarming, there is an issue with CO. If it’s a low level alarm, there’s a diagnostic issue. A more intense alarm signals a safety issue. It’s low cost of purchase, very low cost to maintain, five year warranty (the only product on the market that includes the sensor in the warranty), automated function, rugged durability and all the features listed above that are now included in the V2 model makes this monitor the best option for passive screening use. NEVER MISS CO POISONING AGAIN and be protected from inadvertent exposures yourself. FINALLY, AFFORDABLE AND EFFECTIVE PROTECTION, for you and your patients!

This monitor includes a 10 year warranty! After 5 years the monitor needs to be shipped to AMS for refurbishment. A new sensor and filters will be installed. This service is included in the purchase price. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you!


Airspace Monitors are built to order and may take up to 1 week to ship.  If extended shipping time is expected we will contact you to let you know.

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in