Propane Powered Equipment

Used in educational, institutional, grocery, and retail industries

While propane powered equipment may be low-emissions and may have safeguards in place for proper operation of the engine, there is still a need for environmental monitoring to make sure workers and occupants are not exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide (CO).  CO is a colorless and odorless gas that is one byproduct of combustion.  At low levels over short times CO can make you dizzy or give you a headache.   High CO levels can cause coma, convulsions, respiratory failure and death.

There’s no way to know CO is present without some type of monitoring!

Here is a warning from the operator’s manual of a popular piece of propane equipment:

CO Warning

It’s not always guaranteed that the area will be “well ventilated” enough to prevent CO Poisoning.  Proper engine maintenance is essential to keep CO production minimized.

The only way to know for sure and prevent CO poisoning is to monitor for CO.

Airspace CO monitors are solid-state which means they don’t require any calibration or routine sensor maintenance. They are fully guaranteed for 5 or 10 years, including the sensor!  Typical CO monitors require expensive and time-consuming testing and maintenance.  Airspace Monitors are simple to use and require very little maintenance.  They operate on 2 AA batteries.  They are designed and built in the USA!

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