Mark Weber and Ed Hilgendorf own Ultronic Systems, a successful engineering contracting business based in Menomonee Falls, WI. They have an extensive background in medical gas detection and became aware that EMS providers were being hurt by inadvertent exposure to Carbon Monoxide. They also understood that EMS responders who weren’t passively screening for CO were also inevitably missing carbon monoxide poisoning in their patients. Since the complexity of training required to use electro chemical based monitors, and significant expense to maintain the frequent bump testing, recalibrations and sensor replacements was the barrier for that use, they felt they could help. Their background in developing solid state products for other uses gave them the expertise to overcome obstacles that had prevented portable gas monitors from benefiting by solid state, gas sensing technology. In 2002 they introduced a portable CO monitor designed for passive screening in EMS that was based on AGS™ (Advanced Gas Sensing) solid state technology. That technology is now the base platform for the Airspace line of solid state portable gas monitors. AGS™ technology doesn’t require recalibration or routine bump testing and offers 5 years of warranted service that includes the sensor.

Today they are ownership partners and the lead engineers for Airspace Monitoring Systems. By their expertise and commitment to continually invest in product development, Airspace now offers a line of CO and LEL or flammable gas monitors extensively used in Fire and Emergency and Medical Response. That those monitors provide personal protection and allow the delivery of better service at an affordable overall cost and without adding significantly to their training burden is a source of pride for us all.

Griff Mason, a businessman with a background in marketing, came on board with Mark and Ed as a third partner in 2008 and Airspace Monitoring Systems (AMS) was born. AMS now manufactures and markets Airspace gas monitors. Ultronic Systems which Mark and Ed still own, does the product development and engineering support for AMS.

Cal Station

Advanced Manufacturing

AGS™ technology uses a highly automated process for burning-in and calibrating solid state sensors in high volumes. In this early station, we can produce up to 48 sensors that are tested and calibrated to alarm and provide accurate readings for both Carbon Monoxide and Methane. We are currently developing an automated station that will produce several hundred calibrated sensors.



AMS is committed to providing a quality product that is affordable, easy to use and dependable. In developing the Airspace gas monitor, the emphasis was to build in quality throughout the design process. AMS strongly believes that uncompromising quality is not an option – it is an obligation. This environmental chamber is capable of automated performance testing from -70° F to +200° F. It represents just one of the many extremes we expose Airspace Monitors to in our testing to be sure they will perform beyond the expectations of our customers.

AMS is committed to leading the industry in affordable gas sensing technology. We are continually investigating new technologies, and new ways to use existing technologies, to bring the most advanced and affordable products to our customers. AMS is located in a 4,200 sq-ft. office and manufacturing facility in the Menomonee Falls, WI Industrial Park. We try to source American Made components whenever we can and we are proud that our product is manufactured here in suburban Milwaukee, WI, USA.

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