FDIC coming up! Also, news this week… 4/24/17

Airspace will be exhibiting at FDIC along side one of our partners US Alert. If you’re going, stop by booth #13151 on the convention center side.  We’re really easy to find!  Just head toward the Lucas Oil Stadium and we are the last booth in the convention center hallway before you get to the connector.  Of course, if you’re coming from the stadium we’re the first booth at the end of the connector.

Griff at FDIC 2016 in Booth #13151


Hope to see you there!  If you can’t make it this year, check our Facebook Page for a special giveaway in conjunction with FDIC.


There were a few notable CO related calls this week (click the links for the news articles):

Three firefighters in CA were taken to the hospital for CO poisoning after responding to an activated CO detector call.  Many SOPs require SCBA if there’s an activated alarm and residents with ill effects.  What do your SOPs say?  Let us know HERE.

Two animals perished, but the resident and 5 other animals were saved after a small but smokey fire in a basement.  This small fire highlights the need for constant CO monitoring at all stages of a fire.

Three residents were found deceased in their WI home from suspected CO poisoning.  Police said that the CO levels were very high.  Another news report says one person went to the hospital feeling ill and was diagnosed with CO poisoning.  When the others were checked on, they were already deceased.

In PA, hardwired CO detectors alerted the YMCA staff to a problem before anything bad could happen.  Contractors were using gas powered tools without ventilation which spiked CO levels.  Firefighters recorded levels above 300ppm.

Remember, when in doubt, wear your PPE including SCBA!  Please follow the link and send us your SOP/SOG comments!