News This Week… 4/18/17

There were lots of CO calls, one especially tragic on Easter Sunday.  Here’s a recap of some of them (click the links for the news articles):

On Easter Sunday, two residents of New York City were found to have perished. No word on the cause but CO poisoning is believed to be the cause.  The oven was found on and a neighbors CO Alarm had sounded.

Four people in Detroit, MI, including two kids, were taken to the hospital for CO poisoning on Friday.  A broken furnace is the suspected cause.

In PA, 11 bank employees were taken to the hospital after a fumes call at the bank.  Fire and utilities checked and thought that car fumes may have “seeped” into the building.  All are expected to be OK.

A CO leak at an assisted living facility in North Carolina sent 8 residents to the hospital and displaced 45 others.  The problem was traced to a boiler.

4 people were sent to the hospital for CO poisoning when a crew used a gas pressure washer in a garage.  The HVAC system drew the CO and fumes up to the 4th and 5th floors.

Just a thought that a CO call can turn into a mass casualty incident quickly.  Make sure you have a plan before the call comes in!