Micro Direct – CO Check Pro


• Actual reading of CO in ppm and %COHb
• Large, easy-to-read custom LCD display
• Easy to use, clean and maintain
• Audio-visual indicators
• Customer configurable traffic lights
• Simple calibration routine



The NEW CO Check Pro (#CO20) breath CO Monitor offers all the features of the more expensive breath carbon monoxide monitors at a fraction of the cost.

Click here for the CO Check Pro Brochure (PDF)

The CO Check Pro is an innovative breath CO monitor designed to quickly assess the level of suspected CO poisoning. One single exhaled breath into the CO Check Pro provides instant results in PPM and %COHb via the large, easy-to-read display.

CO Poisoning – Studies have determined that breath CO monitors can provide fast, inexpensive and noninvasive estimates of the approximate concentration of blood COHb, facilitating diagnosis and treatment of CO poisoning.1, 2 Measuring possible CO poisoning from the lung or CORE of the BODY, means you are looking directly at the source of the poisoning. This method is much more reliable than other non-invasive methods.

• Concentration Range 0 – 99 ppm
• Accuracy +/- 2 ppm or +/- 5% whichever is greater
• Operating Temperature 32 – 104 degrees F
• Hydrogen Cross-Sensitivity <12% at 68 degrees F • Sensor Life 2-5 years • Warranty 2 years parts & labor • Power Supply 9 volt battery • Weight 6 ounces with battery • Model # CO20