AI-1201 CO/LEL Monitor with LED Display (Standard 5 Year Warranty)


1201 Carbon Monoxide and Methane Monitor
Methane alarms at 5000 ppm.
Visual and Audio alarms at CO level of 30 ppm, 60 ppm, and 120 ppm

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Built on the same technology and with all the features of the 1200 monitor and now incorporates the energy efficiency, motion switch technology, enhanced alarm and backlit LCD screen built into all of our V2 models. In addition to all that, it adds LEL (flammable gas) capability that is calibrated to methane. The calibration to methane was chosen because it can be a “silent” gas you can’t see or smell in its pure form. You can count on the Airspace monitor to give you an accurate reading for methane gases you might otherwise not know are there. Like other LEL sensors, it will also “see” most of the other hydrocarbon gases – such as gasoline, propane, natural gas, hydrogen, acetylene, etc. It won’t give an accurate ppm reading for those other gases because the calibration is to methane, but it will be very useful since any ppm reading for those other gases will be an indication of an ambient air saturation – therefore a flame or explosive hazard – is occurring. In that environment it will then allow you to “see” the trend as you take steps to manage the hazard. No ppm reading, even though you can smell or see a gas present, is an indication the gases are dissipating and an explosion is therefore less likely – also very valuable information to have on an emergency turn out. The AI-1201 comes with our Standard five-year warranty.

For our 10 year warranty AI-1201EX monitor please click here!

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