Announcing my retirement!

September 25, 2017

Airspace Customers, Dealers, associates, vendors and employees;

Announcing my retirement!


I know I should be saying; “After careful consideration, etc. and etc.” but the bottom line is I’m running out of time.  Not soon I hope, but I’ve just celebrated a birthday with a 7 in it and I have a long list of things I want to do while I still can.  So, after careful consideration (couldn’t resist), I have decided to retire from active involvement with Airspace Monitoring Systems effective at year end.

I think it’s also good timing for the company.  Peter Mills has been in place for almost two years now and he’s doing well.  He’s very capable of replacing the day to day activity I have been providing.  While I wish we hadn’t experienced the long delay in our new HCN product we’re actually very solid in our production of established products, product service and support.  The people in place and the facilities are excellent.  I’m pleased to announce a new engineer has been hired who is now working on the HCN project as a primary assignment and with that addition that product introduction will hopefully catch up.   The next product introductions are understood and a plan is in place that is very exciting for those product developments over the next few years.

Before signing off here I want to sincerely thank all of you who have contributed to building the now substantial base Airspace enjoys – customers, employees, vendors, associates and dealers.  I’ve very much appreciated working with you and the confidence you’ve placed in us and our technology.  I believe that confidence will continue to be well placed going forward.

Very sincerely yours,


Griff Mason