In the news last week… 3/27/17

First, a note from us that our office is moving this week. We’re happy to say that we’ve outgrown our space. Our larger office will allow us to be better organized to serve our customers better!

There were quite a few CO related incidents last week that were in the news.

In the news:

A 9-year died of suspected CO poisoning in a home in Tulsa, OK. A car was found running in the garage.

Ford is investigating more reports of CO inside Ford Explorers where police have been overcome while driving. Here’s a report from Austin, TX regarding the latest incident. Here’s another article about a previous incident in MD where the off duty officer passed out while talking on the phone with his friend. The friend likely saved his life.

On Sunday, a church was evacuated and 11 people sought medical attention for CO poisoning in Rochester, NY. The cause was an improperly installed furnace.

In Toronto, 18 people were treated for CO poisoning in a restaurant. Crews found levels of 500-600 parts per million. The cause was unknown at the time of the report.

Remember, the only way to detect CO is with a monitor. As a first responder, you need to be prepared to deal with the myriad of different situations that may present themselves. Our Airspace Gas Monitors come with a 5-year warranty, dramatically lowering the cost of ownership.