CO Incidents reported 7/26/16

There were several CO related incidents in the news over the past few days. Here they are, in no particular order. Click on the links to read the news stories:


In Cape Coral, FL – Florida’s Fox 4 reported on a suicide that ended up killing an entire family. The report says “Based on evidence at the scene, detectives believe that Amanda Florea committed suicide by leaving both family cars running in the closed garage, where she was found, and that Eric and Aiden Florea were likely unintentionally poisoned when the carbon monoxide gas infiltrated the living areas of the home.”

Crews should always have CO monitoring capability to know the scene is safe before entering! 


In Warren, MI – CBS Detroit and The Detroit Free Press reported on a CO problem in a hotel that sent two people to he hospital. A housekeeper found them and their dog unconscious in their room.


Nearby in Southfield, MI – Fox 2 Detroit reported on two women who had the only CO Detector in an apartment building when the water heater malfunctioned: “Firefighters arrived and evacuated about 20 people from the building, who were starting to suffer the affects. Firefighters also tell FOX 2 that the toxic gas came from the hot water heater in the basement.”

Multiple Occupancy buildings and Hotels can quickly turn into a mass casualty incident.  Be prepared by calling in extra resources to monitor all rooms or apartments.